Wayne Snyder / Artist Biography

Born in Missoula, Montana, Wayne Snyder's early childhood years were spent close to his great grandparent's homestead along the Lewis and Clark trail.  His enthusiasm in youth for the joys and adventures of the outdoors was to become the beginning of Wayne's life long passion for such things, ultimately bringing them into being a vital part of his art. He has always loved the beauty of nature, the majesty of mountains, and wonderment of wide-open spaces.

After high school, he was accepted into the Art Center College of Design (now located in Pasadena, California).  Wayne graduated from the Art Center in 1973 with Bachelor's Degrees in both Advertising Design and in Illustration.  He began his career by working for many years as a free-lance illustrator.  His artwork was used by major advertising agencies, as well as by design studios and book publishing companies.  In between illustration assignments, Wayne pursued work on his own paintings, as well as teaching Illustration  for a number of years at the San Francisco Academy of Art.  Along with paintings in private collections across the country, his art is included in the permanent Air Force Art Collection in Washington, D.C.

Wayne credits his education and years as an illustrator to giving him many of the skills enabling him to produce his traditional art, as well as his work in digital art, which he believes is simply “Another medium and set of brushes, but where all the skills and experience in traditional design and painting are vital”.  He has exhibited his paintings at many art shows and galleries, but now limits most of his showings to his studio and his website venues. He currently lives with his wife, Carolyn, on an island in the Puget Sound of Washington state.  For Wayne, art has been his passion, career, and a method of further connection to the things in life that he’s been truly inspired by.

“I’ve always felt I’m doing one of the things I was probably intended to do.  In the job and work world, it’s how I’ve made a living for much of my life.  But in addition to the work being such a fulfilling connection to who I am, another major bonus  has been when my art has made another person happy, perhaps their life a little richer, if even for just a moment”.   Wayne  2013

"It has been an honor and a true pleasure to have the opportunity to work with an artist of Wayne’s caliber on this journey that has culminated in the creation of O&S Arts.  In getting to know Wayne as a friend, seeing his talent as a painter of fine art, and witnessing the extraordinary level of care, attention, and detail afforded to every project he undertakes, I have a deep respect and appreciation for Wayne as an individual and as an artist.
From the first moment that I witnessed the way in which Wayne was able to transform a photograph by applying painted brush strokes, it was clear that this was something special, not at all random or automated as is a computer-generated painted photograph, but a true and deliberate work of art, where each and every brush stroke is applied with intent and purpose, not only in and of itself but as a part of the image as a whole.  
Participating in the collaborative creation of the final image has truly been a rewarding experience. I’m proud to be a part of this venture combining our interests and talents to create exceptional and unique works of art which we are now able to share with others."
Janice Ohlsen, photographer


Janice Ohlsen / Photographer Biography

Janice grew up in a rural western Washington  environment that sparked what has become her lifelong fascination and passion for nature, landscapes, and the outdoors.  She developed her skills in photography and all things inherently related, with a burning desire and commitment to creating results that would reach for the very best in depicting her discoveries on the many paths and trails she has explored, and in expressing her deep joys and interests in them.  From her scoping in on the smallest of natural wonders, to overall scenes of spectacular landscapes, seascapes, and even skyscapes, Janice's photography is the result of her dedication to compositional design, insistence in considering the smallest of nuances, and to accepting nothing less than the correct light, tones and atmosphere, all for her purpose in capturing the very best in what she is portraying, and sharing through her art her experiences of discovery in 'seeing adventures'.

"To me, nature and photography go hand-in-hand. Art is inherent in nature, yet every moment is unique and fleeting, a glimpse of beauty often revealed by even a brief and subtle change in the quality of light.   I'm driven to try to capture those moments, and then to see, share, and feel them again."  Janice  2013


"I met Janice years ago, where as fate would have it, she and her husband Steve, and my wife, Carolyn, and I, all became neighbors of sorts, on a small island in the Puget Sound of WA. State.  We all became good friends, and while Janice is very humble about her work, eventually she showed some of it to us.  As a career artist, having been a freelance illustrator and then painter in the fine arts for decades, I found myself genuinely astounded by the consistent beauty and exceptional quality of Janice's work.  And learning that she is almost entirely self taught, yet doing work at the level she does, was even more amazing, and in my opinion very rare. Such only happens with those born with having not a little, but extraordinary talent, then put together with driving passions for the subjects of their art, the art itself, and the will to putting time, patience, and much effort into creating the end results..the art.  Over my career I have seen the work of thousands of artists working in the mediums that I do, in painting, but also thousands of those who work in photography as their medium in the visual arts.  Janice is one of the most gifted photographers I have ever known, and whose work is truly at the top of the best I've ever seen.
Having discovered our mutual interests in art, subject matter, and an interest in each others work, we found what seemed to be a natural 'what if' question. What if...in another avenue in creating our art, we were able to meld each of our abilities within each of our chosen mediums, into finished pieces of art, and via the methods, medium, and 'brushes' of digital art, which I have been exploring myself for years now.  After much time and care being put to that possibility, and now it's becoming a reality with the launching of O&S Arts and our first prints, I have to say that it's become a wonderful and rewarding new 'trail', and also a great pleasure to work on this endeavor with such a talented artist, and good friend".   
Wayne Snyder, painter.